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The Proaktivsenter

Today we visited the Prosenteret in Oslo. The organisation is made to help prostitutes living and working in Oslo. The visit was very interesting because we got to learn a lot more about human trafficking and laws around prostitution than we would have done at school or most other situations in our lives. In the start of the lecture, I found myself not actually knowing that much about prostitution as I thought. Earlier, I have just assumed I knew enough about it, but as I sat there and listened, I found out I almost didn’t know anything. For example, the concept of prostitution defines all sorts of sexual services, if the buyer is perceiving it as such. Therefore, for example bondage is prostitution, even though it isn’t necessarily a direct sexual act. We also got to learn about the laws around prostitution in detail, and I am glad the presenter explained everything as carefully as she did and came up with examples. That made me understand more thoroughly what is going on in this taboo conversational topic prostitution still is. She showed us statistics on where the prostitutes who were getting help at the Prosenteret came from and their ethnical background. One thing that interested me was that there up to 2014 had been almost a majority of people from Nigeria, but after 2015, there were almost none left. The presenter explained that this was because of the refugee crisis that year. The government and police in Norway had been checking the papers belonging to immigrants and their background, and then sent many out of the country. They had been looking specially at people from Nigeria. This made me think about how prostitution and its practice is much more connected to our society than I had thought about. Because we don’t talk that much about prostitution on a daily, or even weekly, basis, and because of all the unrecorded information, we don’t see that it is present in the society at all times. I also believe that many people think of all prostitutes as one, and often as an object or even an idea of something, often bad. The visit made us all, or at least me, aware of several sides to prostitution and enlightened me on the topic. I am really glad I got the opportunity to go there.

Humans in Oslo

This is Natasha. She is 31 years old and moved to Norway 11 years ago. She lives in a house nearby Eiksmarka. Natasha lived in Englans until she was 20 years old. Her profession is ballet and she danses at the Opera. In her opinion, the main difference between Norway and England now is that Norway has a better maturnity leave and better work hours. Her happiest memory is when she got her son, she said with a smiling little baby on her lap when I talked to her. Natasha thinks the people in Norway are quite reserved until you get to know them.

Topics for the Year

Studying and Working Abroad

I believe that many choose to work or study abroad to experience new settings and learn more about other cultures. Many teens and the youth in general have come to the conclution that their lives are pointless if you look at the big perspective. You are born, you go to school, you work, you have kids, and you die. Our lives are short and meaningless, and many want to do something to feel alive and this is best to do when you are young. I think the deperation many have when they try to not have a completely boring and ordinary life makes them travel, and escape to a place where they can feel like they are on their own and free. Of course, this is a quite nihilistic way to look at it. Studying and working abroad is a great way t learn more in different ways and also meet new people and, as mentioned earlier, cultures.


Multiculturalism is when several different cultures are at the same place and the people who practice these cultures live side by side in a society. Londin is a city with great multiculturalism, some parts of Oslo also, like Grønland, but not compared to big cities of course. It is a beautiful thing, and helps perople expand their horizons and meet new people, in addition to also get to know their cultures. Of course this can lead to difficulties, persons with different cultures also have different norms and ways to behave. This can lead to fights and arguments, and even death. I find that really facinating, how far some people are willing to go just because they have a different opinion or religion than others. I think that different people living together is amazing, even though it sometimes are chaos and misunderstandings, becuase humans are different and chaotic creatures, but sometimes they also make the most beatiful harmonies.

Media and the Role of Media

This is a really interesting topic. I find it facinating how addicted humans are to interaction and communication, through media or in person.

Environment Podcast

Today I was at Aftenpostens office in Oslo to participate in the making of a podcast. My history teacher sent me a message yesterday and asked me if I wanted to be there and take part in the podcast because he know I care about the climate changes and how we better can take care of “our” earth. With me was Live Nelvik, who stands behind “Live redder verden litt” (Line saves the world a bit), and a man called Anders Veberg who is the host of the show. I was really nervous because I hate public speaking, and for me this was sort of a big thing! It was really embarrassing and I said a lot of stupid things, but I am glad I did it because I really want to become good at public speaking, which is a bit ironic. The leader of Red Youth, Linn-Elise Øhn Mehlen is amazing at these things and I really want to become as good as her, or at least better, at speeches and sharing my opinions and such.

During the podcast we talked about how individuals could take care of the environment, and if we thought the earth still could be saved and how we could do it. It was actually really interesting and I learned a lot.

First Post (better titles will hopefully come soon)

Hi everybody (probably just my teacher, hi Dave). My name is Sunniva and I live in a place called Asker in Norway with my mum, dad and little brother. I am sixteen years of age, and I am interested in music, politics and reading. I recently also have regained a facination in arts. Personally, I don’t see a point in having a blog like this, and I don’t really know what to write, but I’ll do my best to write down sort of facinating things that happen. Introductions have never been something I’m particularly good at, so just bear with me here. I prefere tea instead of coffee, cats instead of dogs and I love the smell of rain and new books. I also love hugs, but only from people I really know. I am almost always cold, this might because I’m a vegetarian who don’t really eat enough vitamins. And this might also be the reason I like hugs, just to steal warmth from others. The climate and environment is really important to me, and I try my best to speak up about environmental issues whenever I can. My technical skills are at a minimum, and I like to write by hand, it makes me feel more artisic, embarrassingly enough. I like to ply the piano, even though I’m not very good at it. My friends are very important to me (just had to put down another cliché teenager line). So yeah, I guess I’ll write down more thoughts and opinions later, thanks for reading. -Sunniva (Btw I hope you like the picture I added, I took it when I was twelve, and I didn’thave any better pictures, and also, Van Gogh is pretty amazing)581

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